Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Collecting Things...

So... I was thinking this morning as I was doing the dishes (this can and has been dangerous in the past) Have you ever started to collect things without really thinking about it or not on purpose?

For example... as I was doing the dishes and washing a few butter dishes, I realized that I collect butter dishes. I know, crazy huh? It seems that when ever I see one, I have to buy it, and its not at a regular store but at a garage sale, flea market, farmer's market or rummage sale. I do not look for butter dishes but just happen to buy the ones I come across. The crazy thing is that I use them. Every time I open a new butter stick I use a clean dish.

So is there something that you have been collecting and not know it?

Holidays and stuff

Well, its that time of the year and wow did it get here fast!  Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on Part 2 of Losing My Religion and I know I have been pretty quiet other wise on here.  I am still a nOOb when it comes to having and maintaining a blog and have been learning a lot.  It just has been over a month since I posted anything and I wanted to put something up so it doesn't seem 'dead'.