Saturday, December 8, 2012


Talk about crazy, time sure has a way to run away. Its been almost two years since I made a post on here. I have been busy with family, work, school and even IRL friends. Its been a crazy few years, but if anyone has been watching or is wondering, I completed my degree at ITT Tech and actually change my field of study to software development from networking.

Been Bit!

I have been bitten by the education bug! Because I continue to want to learn and 'level' up I have been accepted and will start at Washington State University to get a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Do I Stay or Do I Go

I do not know if I am going to keep this blog or get rid of it. I have so many other things and it has been very low on my priority list. Well, we will see. Everyone have a great holiday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Job Hunting

Well it was time for me to make a new post, so here it is and its about job hunting.  As some of you know, I have returned to school to get a degree in Applied Science for Computer Network Systems at ITT Tech.  That's fancy talk for the IT guy you call when you crash your system.  Anyways, I have been looking for a job that will help me solidify my knowledge in what I am learning.  I need to apply what I am learning and that I can get the real world experiance and to learn on the job.

But my frustration is in the application process, it seems that even for entry level positions they want either a degree and or experience, which I am lack in both.  How do they expect me to get the experience without letting me do the grunt/entry level stuff?

On line application systems suck!  You lose the name to the face factor and get lost in the 100's of applications that they receive.  What is it that you can say and do to make yours stand out?  I even have tried to introduce myself at the location that I applied at to the HR or hiring manager and have been blocked by the front end employee.

My other issue is that I live in a city that boarders another state and I do not want to work in that other state, for tax and community reasons.  I do not want to commute 30 miles away and have to get taxed twice on a job that will only pay a dollar more than minimum.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year!

Well, it looks like we all made it to the new year mostly intact!  I have been pretty quiet on line because a week before Christmas I had gotten Bronchitis and its been kicking my ass.  I am going on four weeks and still find my self having coughing fits.

Having Bronchitis and being a woman (who has birthed three children) is a horrible, horrible thing to go through.  All the women out there know what I am taking about and if your not sure.... ask your mother! 

Because of this I was not able to do my usual holiday stuff and didn't finish decorating.  I was not able to do any of my baking so I have some cookie and pie making to make up!  I am going to have to make up some holidays and events for reasons to make my goodies.  So I guess everyone is going to get Tax Time cookies and Who Needs to Diet Pie!

So I herald the new year pretty quietly and actually enjoyed my True Blood (season two) marathon with my bottle of bubbly and chocolates.  I am at the tail end of my cold and am excited about the coming year.  I plan on making more posts and finish up some of my projects.  I am still working on Part Two of Losing My Religion and have a few other ideas I am tossing around.

What is it that you look forward to this year?  Accomplishments, plans or dreams... feel free to share!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Collecting Things...

So... I was thinking this morning as I was doing the dishes (this can and has been dangerous in the past) Have you ever started to collect things without really thinking about it or not on purpose?

For example... as I was doing the dishes and washing a few butter dishes, I realized that I collect butter dishes. I know, crazy huh? It seems that when ever I see one, I have to buy it, and its not at a regular store but at a garage sale, flea market, farmer's market or rummage sale. I do not look for butter dishes but just happen to buy the ones I come across. The crazy thing is that I use them. Every time I open a new butter stick I use a clean dish.

So is there something that you have been collecting and not know it?

Holidays and stuff

Well, its that time of the year and wow did it get here fast!  Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still working on Part 2 of Losing My Religion and I know I have been pretty quiet other wise on here.  I am still a nOOb when it comes to having and maintaining a blog and have been learning a lot.  It just has been over a month since I posted anything and I wanted to put something up so it doesn't seem 'dead'.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What are you?

OK.. tonight I watched the show What Would You Do? on ABC and I cried....

I cried when the people wouldn't stand up for another American because of her faith....

My heart broke when one woman's voice asked for help for a stranger passed out on the sidewalk and no one answered...

This woman had the compassion for a fellow human being no matter what he looked like or what he represented, to help.
We should all emulate her.  The ABC website has not put this on their site yet but if you have not seen it.  I encourage you to watch and seriously ask yourself... Would you help?

Honestly... I don't know what I would do until I was faced with it... and that scares me more than anything... That I could be apathetic to others in need.  Have I become so disconnected or self absorbed that I would walk by a person that appeared to be homeless and drunk but needed help?

That scares me more than anything ...

No matter what your heritage is or what your religion is, your where you live, gay or straight or what political party you belong to... WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON....

We are all humans

We need to stand up for ones being discriminated against because of what god they worship, sexual orientation, homeless person passed out and in need of help or a child needing help...

We are all Americans

No matter what, we need to stand up...

help our neighbors, coworkers, family and yes even strangers. 
We are a nation of opportunity,
freedom of speech,
right to choose,
pray to any god we believe in.
We have freedom. 
I can confidently say what I feel about our government without repercussion.

Its called freedom.

This is something that we take for granted....

I ask, have you spent any time in another country?  Have you REALLY seen what corruption can do?  Honestly, have you seen true poverty?   If not I challenge you to spend time in a 'developing' country and see what is really out there.  American homeless have it better than the poverty of third world countries.  Thank what ever god you  pray too that you are here. 

America is freedom

We forget that not everyone or every country hands that out.  We forget that we can talk shit about the current administration (mayors, judges, judicial system, leaders, congressmen or president) and not get get in trouble.  We can talk shit about the laws or a government official and know we are protected because of our freedoms.  We ALL have these rights as Americans, no matter what god we prey to, or what color we are or who we love.

We are all Americans

I do not care if your Christian, Atheist, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Poor, Rich, Homeless or Just eking by, you are me... American

WE are American

Let's not forget that

I Love Halloween!

So the other day I was in the local 7-11 and saw they were selling those oh so fun fangs for Halloween.  I flashed back to when I was 6 and remember wearing these things and chasing my sister, the dog and anyone or thing that happened to cross my path, because I was the monster of the hallway/backyard and any other hidey hole I could find to pounce on my unsuspecting prey. 

So I bought a couple of these for my boys, and somethings never get old or change.. They plotted their attack and waited for me to come around the corner to scare me.  I had to take a picture because it was the best dollar I spent all week. (.50 cents each)

So here are my monster!!