Sunday, February 20, 2011

Job Hunting

Well it was time for me to make a new post, so here it is and its about job hunting.  As some of you know, I have returned to school to get a degree in Applied Science for Computer Network Systems at ITT Tech.  That's fancy talk for the IT guy you call when you crash your system.  Anyways, I have been looking for a job that will help me solidify my knowledge in what I am learning.  I need to apply what I am learning and that I can get the real world experiance and to learn on the job.

But my frustration is in the application process, it seems that even for entry level positions they want either a degree and or experience, which I am lack in both.  How do they expect me to get the experience without letting me do the grunt/entry level stuff?

On line application systems suck!  You lose the name to the face factor and get lost in the 100's of applications that they receive.  What is it that you can say and do to make yours stand out?  I even have tried to introduce myself at the location that I applied at to the HR or hiring manager and have been blocked by the front end employee.

My other issue is that I live in a city that boarders another state and I do not want to work in that other state, for tax and community reasons.  I do not want to commute 30 miles away and have to get taxed twice on a job that will only pay a dollar more than minimum.