Friday, October 22, 2010

What are you?

OK.. tonight I watched the show What Would You Do? on ABC and I cried....

I cried when the people wouldn't stand up for another American because of her faith....

My heart broke when one woman's voice asked for help for a stranger passed out on the sidewalk and no one answered...

This woman had the compassion for a fellow human being no matter what he looked like or what he represented, to help.
We should all emulate her.  The ABC website has not put this on their site yet but if you have not seen it.  I encourage you to watch and seriously ask yourself... Would you help?

Honestly... I don't know what I would do until I was faced with it... and that scares me more than anything... That I could be apathetic to others in need.  Have I become so disconnected or self absorbed that I would walk by a person that appeared to be homeless and drunk but needed help?

That scares me more than anything ...

No matter what your heritage is or what your religion is, your where you live, gay or straight or what political party you belong to... WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON....

We are all humans

We need to stand up for ones being discriminated against because of what god they worship, sexual orientation, homeless person passed out and in need of help or a child needing help...

We are all Americans

No matter what, we need to stand up...

help our neighbors, coworkers, family and yes even strangers. 
We are a nation of opportunity,
freedom of speech,
right to choose,
pray to any god we believe in.
We have freedom. 
I can confidently say what I feel about our government without repercussion.

Its called freedom.

This is something that we take for granted....

I ask, have you spent any time in another country?  Have you REALLY seen what corruption can do?  Honestly, have you seen true poverty?   If not I challenge you to spend time in a 'developing' country and see what is really out there.  American homeless have it better than the poverty of third world countries.  Thank what ever god you  pray too that you are here. 

America is freedom

We forget that not everyone or every country hands that out.  We forget that we can talk shit about the current administration (mayors, judges, judicial system, leaders, congressmen or president) and not get get in trouble.  We can talk shit about the laws or a government official and know we are protected because of our freedoms.  We ALL have these rights as Americans, no matter what god we prey to, or what color we are or who we love.

We are all Americans

I do not care if your Christian, Atheist, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Poor, Rich, Homeless or Just eking by, you are me... American

WE are American

Let's not forget that