Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is It Neglect?

Today I got into a debate with my father in law about what would be considered neglect and or bad parenting.  What brought this on is that the other day a local 12 year old boy was killed at an Indy motor cross race.

So my father in law felt that the parents were neglectful to the point that they should be criminally charged by letting their boy participate in this sport, because he felt it was too dangerous.  So I asked him would he feel the same way about a teen that dies playing high school football.  What about a family that lets a child die from a treatable medical condition because its against their faith? 

I am a mom of three boys and my oldest wants to play football this year.  So do I let him play and if he gets hurt am I a neglectful parent?  He is in Boy Scouts and goes on week long camping trips and could get hurt or killed in falls or even an accident on the way there.  When is the risk factor too high and where does the line get drawn?  So I ask, how do you feel?