Sunday, October 10, 2010

Had to share

At my work I got to do the Halloween display and decided to make a fortune teller's tent. I work in a liquor store so couldn't pass up the pun at the end about spirits.  But I enjoyed planning and making this and would of done more but I didn't want to give the devote Christian at my work a seizure.

Hallows Eve is nigh
As nature shares her secrets
Phantoms stir about

The harvest is in
The wheel of time holds its breath
The veil is thinning

Hallows Eve is near
Will O’ Wisps create their fun
Facing winter’s sleep

Visits from beyond
The veil is getting weaker
Ghosts set in motion

The frost has arrived
Darkness falls before our eyes
Hounds of the Hunt roar

Huntsman’s horn echoes
Isle of the Dead is free
Odin’s Hunt is here

The air full of fear
To survive the Wild Hunt
Spirits we offer

A pint or fifth
Courage to face all your fears
Spirits of all kinds